All About Masala

Do you like tea? And do you enjoy Indian Cuisine? If your answers can be regarded as positive, in this case our article will be informative and handy for you. At the first glance the mentioned things are not new, but if you are not a guru in Indian foods, it can be that you hear of Masala for the first time. Ok. We are going to fill a gap and tell you all that we know about this fabulous beverage.

What is Masala?

Masala means spices. In India this word can be used to determine any single spice or as a term describing a particular mixture of spices, which are usually combined for achieving the perfect taste. In supermarkets you will find the ready products in spice packets called "chicken masala" or "meat masala", which are meant for the dishes prepared of chicken or meat. In a restaurant menu card there is this word also. It is added to the names of various foods, but it does not mean that a cook has used that very spice mix marketed in a store. It can be made according to his own recipe.

So, again: Masala is any spice mix. And what is important, there is no common recipe for it. It varies depending on the place where it is prepared. You can eat chicken masala in Delhi and then try it in Mumbai in the South, and most likely the dishes will be completely different.

Magic Tea

Now it is clear what tea is called masala – the tea with Indian spices. But it's not all as easy as it sounds. You can make the flavored hot drink following fixed rules only if you want to get the authentic taste, which has gained popularity in the world. Though, traditionally there is no a single recipe or method of preparation but there are the base components:

  • black tea. You should brew the tea leaves and let them stand for rather a long time in order to get an intense flavor. Here tea bags, powder or even concentrates are possible. The only thing that matters is the strength of tea. It must be strong enough in order to show its flavor even with aromatic spices. If you like, you can try green tea as they do in Kashmir.
  • Spices. Brewing the black tea the spices are added to make this beverage even warmer. Proportions are chosen to the taste. The Indians use the mixture Karha with ground ginger and cardamom pods. If you want to make it more intensive and deep, you can use nutmeg, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, star anise and peppercorn. Still in a mixture cardamom should dominate.
  • Sugar. You can take any sweetener you have or want: plain, palm, coconut sugar, even choose honey instead of it. Remember that masala should be sweet.
  • Milk. To follow traditions with this ingredient will be rather difficult as far as in India they add water buffalo milk. It's ok. Take cow milk and enjoy your drink. You are expected to take ? of milk and ? of water and bring this blend to a boil. Though, there are people who prefer masala without milk and replace it with water.

Is It Healthy?

All the ingredients are good for your health if you do not suffer from diabetes, can afford caffeine and have no lactose intolerance. The black tea treats diarrhea, aids digestive system being rich in tannins, reduces the cholesterol level. Milk makes your bones and teeth stronger as far as it is a source of calcium. In milk there is protein, which is needed for muscles especially after the workout. Spices are very useful containing a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals. For example, ginger reduces muscle pain, has anti-inflammatory effect and protects from cold and infections. It improves heart health and brain function. Cardamom is very good for cardio health and has antimicrobial properties. Improving blood circulation and treating urinary disorders it is recommended for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. So, in order to have the best sexual experience you can drink masala with Viagra, the best prices for which you can find on PerthMeds. Or try it with Cialis (find out more about its advantages at AAAASFI).