Masala Lounge

Masala Lounge

Do you like getting new fresh experience in meal? In this case you certainly should try Indian food if you have not tried it yet. And Masala Lounge is the restaurant that will give you such an opportunity offering a wide range of delicious dishes. It is situated in West Sussex in the south of England. It waits for you even on big holidays when most other places are closed, for example, you can have dinner here on New Year day. The staff in the restaurant is very polite and will remember you after several orders. You can count on attention and readiness to please you with some special offers. You can ask to make something hotter or add more species and they do it for you. You`ll be impressed by quality of service here.

Do you like Indian food?

You know there are some special features about this national cuisine, which make no one to be cold blooded. First of all it is so much diverse and inside there are a lot of different tendencies being able to surprise even if you think you know all about gastronomical predilections in India. It is always interesting to understand what this dish is made of as far as the recipes are usually complicated and involve authentic techniques not easy for a cooker to master. And at that you can order the same dish you liked a year ago and find it transforming beyond recognition. Fine Indian dining is usually rich in spices and herbs, the dishes are sweet-smelling and can be a little bit unusual for European customer. Those special combinations of even unknown spices make this food a kind of tremendous new experience. You see, you cannot just take one ready mix and repeat this taste. No way! Readymade spice mixes are not for Indian cuisine. The important thing is not to make it easier to cook the food but it is important to make it on your own even if the proportion will be changed and you get unique dish every time you make it. Still, when specifying this peculiarity, we speak about the home cooking while in good restaurants, of course, they stick with the recipe in order to attract visitors who love just this taste and not it variation. And one of such good places is Masala Lounge.

Masala Lounge as a real Indian place in England

This Indian restaurant welcomes every guest very friendly and warmly. They offer cozy and clean rooms and also they cater for special events including weddings and birthdays. The main room is designed in a simple modern style with a large panoramic window showing the street and square tables covered with white fresh table-clothes. In the restaurant there is also the private party room with red chairs and walls, a booking of which should be reserved. If you want to order Indian dishes with you not reserving a table in the restaurant, then you can choose anything from particular take-away menu. Masala Lounge offer free delivery under the certain conditions and some pleasant bonuses. Here you find chef`s recommendations, traditional dishes and house specialties. They can prepare the themed party developing special menu. In order to determine what exactly is preferred, the client should contact the person-in-charge and discuss the further details. They really help getting an experience from the diverse menu with unique and traditional dishes and of course chef specials. Here you can find a lot of seafood. Try the tastes which do not overlap because the used ingredients do not have similar flavors as you get used to try before. Moreover Indian food is cooked by different cooking methods and not by the way we do it in our culinary culture.